Mama's Fish House

" If it hadn't of been for Paradise Television, I think we would have had a lot slower growth, I'm sure of it. "

- Floyd Christenson

Maui Dive Shop

" Television has been a really, really good medium for us... its proven to be our very best advertising. "

- Jeff Strahn

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

" Blue Hawaiian has been with the visitor channel for over 20 years now because what we do is an audiovisual experience. Television is the best way to convey that. "

- Dave Chevalier

Mala Ocean tavern

" Being on Channel 7 gives you that extra edge, it brings people in a lot quicker. "

- Mark Ellman


 Maui Dive Shop

Maui Dive Shop

Blue Hawaiin Helicopters

 Mala Ocean Tavern

Mala Ocean Tavern